We have Steadily Established Ourselves
as One of the Leading IP Law Firms


While China was introducing the patent system, I was fortunate to have become the first patent agent in China, having studied in the field of intellectual property for over 30 years and accumulated various experiences. As an intellectual property practitioner, I am keenly aware that only through constant reform can enterprises stand invincible in the fierce market competition where protection of intellectual property rights plays an irreplaceable role. Inspired by this philosophy, I started Ming & Sure Intellectual Property Law Firm in 2004.

In the age of knowledge economy, patent agencies play an increasingly important role. Ming & Sure not only introduces the top talents, but also makes every effort in professional training. Attorneys at Ming & Sure have practiced under the methodology of approaching each single business matter from the client’s perspective so as to propose solutions that best serve the client’s interests. It is with the client’s concerns and interests sturdily in mind that we assess problems and, utilizing our expertise and knowledge, analyze the pros and cons of potential strategies and give practical advice to maximize values for the client.

? In building and continuing our success, we would strive for the best but not the biggest, and hope to bridge across geographic and legal boundaries, working together with foreign colleagues, for effectively protecting our clients’ creative ideas and enhancing the value of their IP assets globally.




Flow Commitment

The same agent or technician with technical background is responsible for the entire business process, from translation or drafting of the specification to the patent examination. Should a handover is required, it is the responsibility of the assistance staff at each processing stage

Utilizing Search Report

We feed our comments back to clients based on the review report and strive to improve the quality of the specification before filing the application. The flexible use of the review reports ensures efficiency and quality of work during volunteer amendment and intermediate processing

Service Assessment

The expertise of personnel is evaluated at each stage of the business operation. Through the establishment of merit rating system, the quality of service and the competence of staff are improved simultaneously, thus establishing a virtuous work-flow mechanism.


  • 2003.09

    Firm Established

    Located mainly at SHANGDI Information Technology Industry Base

  • 2004.03

    Service Kick-off

    Keeping in close contact with our clients as the only patent agency in the base

  • 2005.12

    Relocated to Shangdi 5th Street

    Office expanded to 6th floor in 2008, with over 80 employees

  • 2013.07

    Shenyang Office Opened

    Establishing Shenyang office in Shenyang International Software Park

  • 2015.09

    Relocated to i-Town Center

    Brand new infrastructure and advantageous location

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